Flight pause and resume errors


I’m trialling flight planning software coming from GS Pro for DJI drones. In real operations it can be required to pause a mission and take control, e.g. for people entering the area. When I tested this the following occurred (on Android, P4 Pro v2), which is an issue.

Mission planned and flown successfully, just to see it work. New mission flown and paused by switching flight modes. Drone control checked, but stayed airborne. Close Drone Deploy and opened it again and choose to resume mission. Drone does not react and remains under full control. Rinse repeat with the same result, then land.

Drone on ground, restart app and resume mission. Drone takes off and resumes mission, but software does not track drone, arrow stays at take off site.

With this behaviour this application is not fit for operational flying, is this as designed or a bug?

A pause/resume button should be one of the most basic aspect of a mission flying software. Having to switch modes, then crash out of the app is not professional behaviour.


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