Flight path and altitude all over the place

I use the DD app to fly standard grid patterns with my Micasense RedEdge camera. Since the latest DD update, this is what I see regularly:

My M600 Pro isn’t following the programmed lanes nicely and also varies in altitude a lot… this sucks…

Hi @jantheeven,

Can you clarify what you mean by “varies in altitude a lot”? If you set the altitude in the DroneDeploy app, it should remain consistent throughout the mission.

Can you clarify your issue with the grid patterns as well? We did release a new algorithm a few app iterations ago that triggers the camera based on distance instead of time, which means that when the drone speeds up and slows down, there are consistent image distances.

Lastly, to verify, are all of your apps and software up to date on all your devices?

Well it’s clearly visible in the picture I attached. This is a screenshot of the Micasense Uploader app, after I uploaded the captures. You can clearly see that the pattern is irregular (not equal distances between lanes; I flew from east to west and back and so forth). The dots are the moments where the camera took a picture. Speed is also veering. The black dots in the graph at the bottom also show the capture moments in time and altitude.

And of course, I use the “third party camera” setting, as the camera triggers every second automatically.

Hi @jantheeven,

Thanks for providing additional info. Have you recalibrated your IMU since you started experiencing this issue?

To verify, do you have this issue when you are not using any additional third party apps and software?

I recalibrated the IMU a few days ago, but I still see the variance in altitude. What do you mean by your second question?

That’s pretty weird.

It looks like altitude is changing by around 10m. DroneDeploy is really only setting the waypoints, so how it flies should be entirely on autopilot. We don’t see many users of the M600 so I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this.

Have you tried a different flight app? I think that’s what Christina is referring to.