Flight only recorded 62% of images

Phantom 4 Adv
IOS 15.2 on ipad
DD Version 4.69.0

Finally some work …

I had set up 8 areas to fly today capturing orthomosaic images of parks and reserves
At one of these sites the drone was to cover 11 hectares and capture 133 images, at a height of 70m (230 ft). I do not upload the images in the field as we have patchy internet.
When uploading the photos back at office, the first two transects showed good coverage of image locations, then the rest of the flight showed very patchy coverage - only having taken 83 out of 133 images (hence 62%).

As I can not easily get back out to fly this site again (1.5 hours from home) before Christmas, the poor image I have will need to be sent to the client.

Has anyone else has this issue with the camera not capturing the correct number of images?
I’ve sometimes had the odd missed image - but nothing like this patchwork.
I do note that it took 3 attempts for the drone to work through the pre-flight steps - it did stop on not enough GPS on 2 occasions, and camera fail on one occasion.
Appreciate any suggestions / recommendations.

A follow up
Another patch flight - first two transects have good coverage,
Then patchy coverage and the drone did not capture any images for the last transect (against the road edge on RHS - even though it flew this section)
Flight was suppose to record 114 images - only 71 images capture = again 62%

Ive had this happen for two different reasons.
1: the files flipped over to the a new folder after getting to 999, the files will be in there.
2: the memory card you have isnt fast enough to record the information or is failing.


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I am having an issue recently with the amount of images the drone is taking for mapping. The image count on Drone Deploy will be 292. When I run the mission, I only get around 90 images. It still takes images consecutively, not just missing images in one area. This occurs on all maps I fly now.

I have all apps/drone firmware up to date.

Mavic Pro 2
Iphone 13

ISO 400
Aperture 2.8
Shutter 1/1000

Any help would be great.

@Andrew_Fraser any advice with this?


I purchased a new memory card and the problem stopped. Thanks for the recommendation.