Flight log upload indicator

My group has been using DD Enterprise for 6 months now. One of the main features we liked when signing up was that DDE would collect and summarize flight logs. We have noticed, however, that only about 25% of the flights actually end up with a flight log. The DJI logs are on the aircraft, but they don’t show in DD. It would be nice to have some kind of indicator or a button to force upload after a flight. Maybe on the screen that opens after a mission where a pilot can select to upload images now or later. Anything to indicate that the log is being sent. Not sure if pilots are shutting the app/aircraft off too quickly after a mission.


We are having heaps of issues with flight logs remaining as “upload pending” and we currently have a support ticket open about this with DD support. We seem to be having the issue most when we are lacking cell reception, but sometimes its will full service.

It would be great to have some sort of indication as to when they had synced off the device! or a force sync button and then confirmation.

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