Flight Log Syncing

What is the best practice for getting flight logs to sync after flying a mission? Most of the time I am left with no flight logs after the images are uploaded. Just curious if anyone has a found a way to get them to sync every time. I leave the app on after the mission is complete and I click through the steps on the app afterwards and I still do not get them to sync. Also flying with wi-fi so not sure what the issue is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @jordanlanoue Thanks for reaching out. This depends on the drone you are flying with and also what mobile device you have. Your flight logs will be recorded given under normal circumstances in DroneDeploy. When you finish your flight, give the drone about 2-3 minutes before you power it down in order to ensure it is writing its logs correctly. I would also refrain from switching from the DD app to the DJI GO app during flight (except only in emergencies where you need to). If worse comes to worse and you do not see your flight logs recorded in the DD app, you can grab them directly from your mobile device in the DJI GO files.