Flight Log Apps

As drone businesses grow the need for maintaining and analyzing flight logs has become evident. There seem to be several apps available that can consume and assist log analysis. Kitty Hawk seems to be trying to be a competitor to DD. Air Data is a partner but doesn’t provide much analysis without a costly subscriptions.

Has anyone seen other apps that are worthwhile?
What is the general opinion of Air Data? Anyone using the paid for subscriptions?

Kittyhawk has been doing logs for a while. I tried AirData and it wasn’t for us. I also tried DroneLogBook and it worked very well and integrates with other softwares well. We are on the Enterprise plan so we get allot of logging already and we have digital forms solutions for other purposes so we now capture all the pertinent conditions in a smart form and use the raw drone and flight information from DroneDeploy/DJI if we ever need it.

Analyzing why a bird went down after the fact is a waste of time in my opinion. Maybe if you had a $10,000+ drone, but a $1,500 P4P just buy another. There is such a thing as capturing to much data as well when it’s not needed or required. This is a good guide that every drone ops manager should read.

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For my solo ops, I built a Google Form that autofills a spreadsheet with all the things I want to record. It took a little time to build and now it’s free.

If I have some anomaly or curiosity that makes me want to look at the flight log, then I upload it to a free Airdata account and have a look. If Airdata’s readout is insufficient, then there are a couple of deeper dive solutions but they are less user friendly and require some time to understand.

If I had guys all over the place like @MichaelL does, then I’m not sure my system would work, but it might.

Pro tip. When starting up, in addition to watching out for IMU or Compass issues, open up your battery detail page and confirm that all cells are charged and within a couple of 10ths of each other. A failing cell will start telling you it’s troubles before it fails completely…usually. :thinking: