Flight Direction

On my Flights when I set up Flight Direction 90 degrees is north/south and 0 degrees is east/west. Why is this as it is not correct?

Also how can one change the starting position on the map. I had to fly a mile to start my map on a mile long field. Ended up costing me 3 passes due to not enough juice to fly a full up and back at the end of the mission. Any tips?

Hi @craiglenz - is this on V 2.0.4 of the app? Please note that you will need to use the mobile app to access the feature to change flight path direction and starting waypoint (as shown at about 1:30 here).

Yes Im using 2.0.4. Ive learned I can change the starting waypoint by changing it in the app however one has to add an additonal pass outside the desired zone if say you want to start at the opposite end of the field by choosing 2 as the starting pass vs 1. If you dont you end up loosing pass number 1 as the drone just runs from pass 2 on to the end of the mission. What I am asking is cant one choose where and in what successive direction does the drone run its mission. Say starting on the SE corner of the field and working the mission then in a westerly order vs starting a mile kitty corner and flying the mission working ones way east which is what now the program defaults to.

Also the compass that you choose flight directions on has 0 degrees being East and 90 being north. This is all on the app not on the desktop.