Flight app using RJPEG in autonomous flight

I’m flying a DJI inspire 1 with zenmuse X5 radiographic camera. When I fly a mission in autonomous mode the thermal images will not show any data after downloading to the Fir tools + software.
The only time I can get thermal images including all data (temperature, date & time) is when I fly in manual mode. Need to find a flight app that will allow me to download the flight plan, fly autonomous and record all thermal images + data.
Need this for my solar PV maintenance service

@tlcdrone Could you please clarify what you mean by ‘Zenmuse X5 radiographic camera’? Was this one modified? The X5 is an RGB camera to my knowledge.

Additionally, we capture Thermal data only for our Enterprise clients who have signed up for that feature. It uses the live video feed in the same way that Live Map uses the feed to instantly stitch an ortho. We do support capturing full thermal photos using the XT2, but that data is not yet processable into full orthomosaics using Map Engine.

Sorry Adam,

My mistake, should have read radiometric.




No worries! But either way, the X5 does not capture radiometric data. It just captures RGB data.

Might you be interested in a vegetation index, such as VARI? That is a heat map of plant health that only needs RGB data.

DJI only currently makes 2 cameras that capture thermal data. We support them both if you use an M200 or M210.

The XT2 takes thermal data and RGB data simultaneously. We cannot yet process full orthomosaics of thermal data (to our standards of quality), so the Thermal Live Map is the completed output you’d receive from us if you’re signed up for it. But, stay tuned for more developments here!

The XT takes just thermal data.

DroneDeploy Thermal Mapping

I get the data when I fly in manual mode but not in autonomous mode