Fixed Wing Birds & DD

Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone has used a fixed wing bird with Drone Deploy and what they would recommend to purchase if this is possible ?


Hi @syamaphantom,

Have you taken a look at our Drone Buyer’s Guide? It features a couple fixed-wing models.


Hi Sean

A couple of years ago we had some digital terrain modelling flown with a eBee fixed wing.
It was flown by the retailer on a discounted fee arrangement to demonstrate their product capability.

It came back useless as regards the imagery due to the fixed wing eBee not having any camera gimbal facility.

My Phantom 4 pro imagery is 10 times the quality in comparison…
It may have been something they did wrong but then the fact that a fixed wing aircraft needs to be absolutely level to achieve the same imagery definition makes logical sense.

kind regards, Daniel

Thanks to both of you for your feedback.

I am using a P4 Pro at the moment and the imagery is magnificent. However I am doing multiple small flights and thought maybe a fixed wing would let me combine them into one big flight which captured everything I need.

The range of the eBee might be an issue but I’d have to do some calcs to see if I could achieve what I need.