First try for roof inspection

Hello all, I’m trying my first roof inspection, doing it on our house.Why does my own house look this way on the map? I had a hard time and zooming makes it impossible to plan the flight.
I went ahead with the flight anyway and half the images collected had my neighbors house in it. How can I get a clear view to plan the flight?
DroneDeploy, Phantom 4 Pro, iPad Air 2 and latest software and firmware.

Hi @hanigadallah,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. Can you confirm that you’re connected to WiFi?

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Hi Christina,

Yes, WIFI signal was extremely strong.

Google maps are not always the highest definition.

If you are not sure exactly where your house is, you can fly a wider area to make sure you get it in there and then crop it once the map is processed to just show your house.

You can make a map of the larger area and then use the app in the DD app market to plan over your previous map.

I doubt that google maps are that bad, we live in the Bay Area, Home of google. Map looks bad on MacBook Pro (new) and iPad Air 2 but, looks good on iPhone 7. There is a lighted circle with a blue dot in it that covers the selected area and makes the image blurry. Does that make any sense? And how about if I start using Dronedeploy for roof inspection as i’m planning on doing writhing the month, how could I do it if a house looks blurry and i’m Unable to figure out the flight plan?

If you’re using a desktop computer or visiting on the ipad it doesn’t use google maps right now. If you’re using the dronedeploy app it will use google maps.

That makes sense since i’m unable to do it on the desktop. However, I do use the app on the both iPad and iPhone. iPhone works but the app on the iPad doesn’t. Thank you all for your help, greatly appreciated. Cheers!

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Hello hank,

Look, open Google earth and draw your polygon in it then export as kml file then install add on from dronedeploy apps to export this kml file.

I wish I did help u

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Ahmed Salah

Thank you Ahmed for the tip. I sure will try and I shall keep you posted. Cheers!

Has there been any updates from DD on the issue hanifadallah originally described?

Actually YES. At the DroneDeploy event early in the month, I was instructed to simply delete the app and re-install it. It worked. Thanks to Chase from DroneDeploy, great help. Cheers!