First Posting, First Thermal map. What do you think?

After several failed attemps, i finally made my first Thermal map.
Just wondering what everyone thinks?
shot with Inspire 1 w/XT camera.
camera in manual
I tried to go as slow as possible.
Any criticism is welcome.
If anyone could help me decipher the color scheme, would be greatly appreciated.
Looks to me that the red is very dry on the “Bean” canopy.
Thanks Guys…
Bean Field. Late season

That doesn’t look like a thermal map?

My bad… wrong map. I’ll upload as soon as possible.

OK. After 8 tries on a XT camera, Inspire 1, I got half a map.
Parameters: front/side 90,80
camera on manual
using “Fusion”
Late season Beans
The change that I believe made the difference is I went to 90deg N/S on flight direction from 0deg E/W.
most of the time, i got a little piece of a map or nothing at all.
Anyone who has anything to add is welcome.