First mission..... fail. Help please

Mavic Pro, Android 6.0.1, Firmware up to date, DD version 0.0.63 - 2.0.18 Got all green check marks, hit go, ascended properly, went to the start point, started the first leg, hit the end of the first leg and came straight back to the home point and began landing. Battery indicator in the app was at 0%. It landed, I checked the battery, it had 4 green lights. I shut everything down, changed to another full battery, started the process over and it showed 0% battery in the app so I didn’t even fly it.

  1. Could someone verify that I’m using the latest version of the app? It’s the latest I see on the play store but it says last updated, 11-15-16. I thought there has been updates since then. Also, the mavic isn’t listed as supported in the app description on the 11-15-16 version, but I see nothing else more recent. I uninstalled the app, went back to the playstore to get the most recent version, and it is the same.

Thank you for the help.

On android I know it always shows 0% for battery. But I have not had an issue with it coming back after only 1 leg of mission.

I am on the same version as you.

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Hi there,

This is a known issue, DJI thought it maybe a flight controller problem. The team is investigating this currently. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kara, Would this issue make the Mavic come home and land right away?

Sometimes users see this issue and it appears to be something caused by something on the DJI flight controller. It doesn’t happen repeatedly for most users and when they fly again it doesn’t happen. Though I have heard of some users seeing the issue a few times in a row.

Chase, Would this issue make the Mavic come home and land right away?

yes, it could make it come home after the first few waypoints instead of finishing the mission.

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