First mapping mission

Inspire 1 Running FW v1.2.2.21
Android app running on an lg g2 V 1.0.5

I did my first flight yesterday, it took a while for the app to connect to the I1 after it was done I set a grid and started the mission, the first try the checklist failed at uploading mission and I had to restart both the app and the I1, second try it all went well but the resulting images were not good at all, 30% of the images were too blurry (radial blur on quite a few of them) the end result is not usable, the results can be seen in the plan 55abeb162b137575f8180720

I will do more testing later on

We are checking these images to see what could have happened.

It looks like the shutter speed didn’t get set properly. I made a note of it so we can try to fix or detect this. Can you fly again and see if the same thing happens?

yes i will go out this week and do another mapping.

there is one detail i forgot, i was using an nd16 filter, does the app makes a calculation for the shutter speed or is it fixed?

could the nd filter affect this?

Interesting - we’re definitely seeing slower shutter speeds for your flights than on other maps, which we believe is leading to the blurry images. We should be setting the shutter speed in the app, so are investigating if this could have been changed somehow, but there is a possibility that the nd filter is having an effect. For your next flight could you try it without the filter / with the standard setup, and we can compare the results?