Finish flight via button, without RTH

Hi there,
I often fly several flights after each other, without landing. There seems to be no option to actively finish a flight and restart a different one. So it would be great to have an option to finish a flight instead of flying HOME and landing.

…this could then hopefully improve the communication and more consistent upload of flight logs to which unfortunately not always works for me and logs are dropped (and DJI GO doesn’t log while DD is in control of drone).

I typically just get out of P-mode and switch back, get out of DroneDeploy and reopen and move on. The only problem this causes me is that I have to do an upload with a rectangular perimeter and crop once the map is finished. This isn’t a big deal to me because I like to dial in the perimeters using my CAD overlay, but is a little extra work for people that don’t do that. There are plans to eventually allow batch flight planning, but there is no timetable at this time.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your feedback and sharing of your process. This is the way how I do it currently also which is alright-ish for controlling the drone and going into the next mapping. But unfortunately, I still keep losing the flight log part in drone deploy and hence nothing is therefore logged in or anywhere else either. This is actually causing auditing, legal and liability issues and risks for our company! We are legally flying within 500m of an active heloport (police, rescue, private and close by 2 other heliports from hospital and banks plus we are in downtown = BUSY) - hence if something were ever to go wrong then I literally risk having no means of a flight log…

So, by having a workaround to crash and restarting the app, i only loose a bit of time (that could be saved especially when using subfolder for various projects and locations to navigate through to start the next job - and this also causes distraction from the drone during this time in a busy environment while keeping resources down and not flying with a spotter for only this reason) but most importantly I am unfortunately actually losing valuable flight log data.
Or is there a certainly step-by-step required to save this data somehow in DD before restarting the app???

I get what you are saying and see reprocussions myself when I have to manually upload because it didn’t complete and go to the next queue. I think it would be good to have a prompt when getting out of P-Mode instead of the “GPS lost” message that many of us have been experiencing.

Since we discussed this it has been apparent to me that I manually land 90% of the time. This means that I have to redigitize my perimeters every map. It now prompts for continue/reset in the web browser interface. @Adam_Carp

@MichaelL and @Thomas.inNZ

Thanks for this feedback. To make sure I understand the request:

Basically, you guys sometimes (or most of the times) are going to send a drone home a little early, for any number of reasons.

You would like to, instead of being prompted with the flight reset interface on desktop, be able to ‘Force complete’ the flight, regardless of % completion compared to plan, so that you’ll receive the ‘Upload’ interface, specifically named for the flight, complete with attached flight logs and the correct plan crop?

I think a good goal would be to allow switching out of P-Mode without breaking the mission. If you go to S-Mode right after the mission is completed it will do this, but the aircraft has to go all the way to home for it to actually show up on the desktop.
This comes into play when I want to switch to another mission in the air or take some manual photos/video.

Yes Adam, I would like to be able to force a ‘complete the mission’ to trigger the ‘upload’ interface. There’s been a few times I’ve battled to get the mission to accept I’ve completed the mission when I’ve prematurely switched to S-Mode to allow me to other things with the drone whilst in the air without RTH in many instances had to manually upload.

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