Finding specific photos on a Map

Hi, I have done a map of a 9 hole golf course but now the club want each individual hole mapped. Obviously I have all the photos but how can I find which photos cover which part of the map so I can islolate and map each individual hole in turn? Im able to turn on the ‘Image Projections’ tab but all this seems to do is show me on the 2d map where photos have been taken; it doesnt show me which photos were taken where on the map.

I am not sure if this is the best or most efficient way, but you can place a annotation marker on a location and it will show you the pictures that were used to make that projection. That seems like a very time-consuming wait to do it, But in theory I think it would work LOL.

Why not clip the image after it has been generated using some other software?

Otherwise, (I think) you can set the bounds of what you want mapped by adjusting your polygon after you load your images…

Probably the easiest way is to just upload all the images each time and then clip the map engine area of interest to the specific hole. It will exclude most of the images that aren’t relevant

Thanks Mike…that was the solution suggested by DD themselves…works perfectly