FInding game fish with photogrammetry

I have a friend who is running a fishing camp during the summer. The water is kind of exclusive and big money is involved. The customers have to pay big money to get a fishing permssion. We are talking about Salomon fishing
We had a couple of beers the other night and these evenings always give birth to great ideas.
At least one thinks so.
The thought behing this is to get a (3D or Ortho) map with clearly visible locations where the fish is resting and adjust the price after this. The higher fish polulation, the higher prize.


Happy new year btw! :slight_smile:

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Maybe 4K video would enhance the chances of capturing imagery that would more definitely let you see that kind of detail? We have found that doing photogrammetry is tough for fine details around creeks and streams because of trees and because everything is moving. You can go back through the pictures, but good, low 4K video on a 4K monitor or TV as a monitor can let you select much more pertinent images than the luck of a mission capture.

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@MichaelL: Yes. I think you’re right. I forgot that the darn water is moving. But then again: If the capture is done a sunny day (maybe with ISO200 -> high shutter speed) this shouldn’t give that much problems.
Another problem is how to set the polarizing filter. Afaik the polarized light is not consistent so the filter has to be adjusted when the drone turns. Which is a bit of a problem…
Maybe the next beer event will solve this… :slight_smile:

However: I think I’m going to do a capture over one of the pools just to see.


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Also keep in mind the direction the drone is facing in comparison to the sun. I’ve had a couple of maps where I forgot about that and one direction looked fine whereas the other direction was completely blown out because the sun was reflecting directly at the drone. It means you might have to crab sideways, but Litchi can help with that.