Final Map does not reflect all images taken


I have been trying to do some comparisons with PIX4d and DD and last week used the PIX4d IOS app to the images with an Inspire with X5 and whilst the map produced was very good it appears to have missed about 25% of the image off even though the actual images of the area at there.

What is strange is the map has a perfect edge so it looks like the image has been cropped for some reason-

Thoughts, help, suggestions would be great.

BTW for anyone thats interested, this is a UNESCO would heritage site - its the Palace of King Phillip II of Macedonia who was Alexander the Greats father.

If you flew with the Pix4D app, it could be due to the fact that they require a signal at all times to make sure it captures imagery. The DroneDeploy app should help you with that.

Hi there, thanks for this but I did not do this live with the app, I uploaded the 111 images after the flight - OOI the PIX4d app works almost identical the the DD app and will also work without a live signal, however, in this case the drone was always in concat with the app.

I’ll go back and check if Pix4D updated their method of capture, but the last time I checked they were not setting up the camera to trigger at intervals and instead were basing it on distance. The reasoning being that it will provide more consistent overlap, etc. Dronedeploy does this differently and handles disconnections better but may take too many images sometimes due to unexpected things like wind slowing down the drone, etc. This could have changed recently and maybe it is no longer the case.

If you did not use either app to obtain the pictures, what did you use?

From the pix4d changelogs.