Final circuit slowed down unepectedly

Summary of Issue:
The drone completed the main body of the flight averaging above 25mph. It then proceeded to fly the perimeter at this speed however just a short time into the perimeter flight the speed suddenly and unexpectedly dropped to 4mph. I aborted the flight as it would have taken much longer than the available battery power remaining to complete at that speed.
Date Issue Began:
Drone Model:
Phantom 4 Pro
Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iPad Pro, 10.5. iOS 11.2.5
DroneDeploy App Version:

Are you talking about 3D mode when it changes to the oblique images? I believe it is designed to go 4mph or at least that is how mine has flown. It basically taking a picture every 1.5-2%, but that’s a whole other discussion.

Yes, presently 3D mode flies at that speed. It is designed for small area 3D models.

It started off at the same speed as the previous captures so I’m not sure what happened there. About a minute or so into the final part it slowed down.
If it’s meant for smaller models then it’s REALLY smaller models, because it would have taken FAR longer than the actual capture itself.
Looks like abnormal behaviour to me.

Hi @Horrgakx,

As Gary mentioned, it is expected behavior for the drone to significantly reduce speed if 3D Mode is enabled. The speed is largely dependent on the size of your map.

Do you mind sharing the name of the map in which you noticed the reduced speed? I’d like to take a closer look to confirm.


Thanks for your reply. It was the Pica Bile Track one.

The initial piece that you thought it was running the 3D mission might have been just going from the last waypoint on the map mission to the first point on the 3D mission. You can adjust you flight direction to get these two points closer together so it doesn’t have to fly across the site to get to the first 3D waypoint. This usually entails having to reverse the direction of the path, but sometimes a couple of degrees of direction change will line them up better.

Hi @Horrgakx,

Thanks for sharing the name of your map. I can confirm that it is normal for the drone to slow down to 4 - 7 mph speeds when the 3D Mode is enabled. Please keep in mind that 3D Mode is intended for capturing details of a structure (ex. building) and it is not optimized for larger areas. Your mission will be longer and take more battery resources when 3D Mode is on.

Hope this clarifies it for you!