Fill mapping between HaHa wall perimeter and house foundation

Hi guys, have been using DD now for awhile mostly without issues. I have a new house construction situation where we have a 4 foot tall HaHa wall and need to measure the volume of fill dirt required to fill the space between the top of that wall and (near the top of) the house stem walls.

I’ve attached an illustration of what I am talking about (and you can see a sample picture of a HaHa wall here: Is this something that the volume analysis tool can do? I was thinking one of two options:

  • Use the lowest point calculation method (which would be at the bottom of that slope at the base of the HaHa wall) and use the house stem wall perimeter as the edge of the selection area on the other side (I believe carrying across that high side from the stem wall base should get us close).

  • Or, it is possible to select the top of the HaHa as a parameter to where the fill needs to be? That would be the most accurate, I think.



I think you’re right. Using the top of wall and a triangulated plane will most likely give you the best accuracy for fill needed.

It would be better if the foliage were out of there. Depending on the method it may include the foliage as already filled areas.

You can back out the foliage with a field measurement and the area annotation. It looks like there’s two distinct average heights so I would do them individually and back that out of your volume measurement.