Files being Overwritten on card

Went and flew a drone deploy mission without a problem. It took photos just fine and the drone did fine. It did however overwrite the photos I had on the card!!! Not happy about that. I had 38 photos that were taken manually. When the Drone Deploy started taking photos it reset the counter to start off at DJI0001 or what the file format was.

Any thoughts?

Hi there,

Did you happen to format the SD card before take off?

I did not. I was located near a large building and was uncomfortable with how close it was and cancelled the first mission. When I revised the area to be mapped, it started at DJI00001 thus overwriting what was on the beginning of the card. It was emptied before the start of the entire session to make sure I had room on the card.

Ok, I would format the SD card in the DJI GO app to prevent this from happening.

I have had this issue multiple times. It happens about every 15-20 missions. I am only using the DroneDeploy app. The card was originally formatted with the DJI GO app. After I reformat (with the DJI GO app), it’s good for another 10-15 missions, but then it’ll unexpectedly start overwriting files again. Super frustrating and disappointing! At this point, I can’t trust to capture more than one mission on the SD card before I offload. This is the number one reason I’d move to different software. I’m curious if anyone knows why this is happening?

What drones are you using. I have flown hundreds of missions and never seen this. Typically it creates a subfolder and starts recounting…