File Naming Options


A couple of DIY suggestions…
Use a Freeware program to Bulk Rename files. Just Google “Bulk Rename Utility” and you’ll find a bunch. Some are more feature rich than others. Use the timestamps on files to figure out which mission is which and put them in folders either after you extract to a PC or while they are still on the SD card.

Something else to consider that makes it more spatially obvious on what mission is which if you have a bunch of missions on a card is to extract the GPS coordinates from the EXIF into a CSV file. You can use a GIS software application to load the CSV file and see the results. Google Maps may have a upload CSV function as well.


Hi @bbrasel,

Thanks for your reply, all great suggestions and Finder on the Mac has this built-in facility to rename so that’s what I’ve had to do. The missions for the particular day I’d completed were spread across three directories with the missions also bridging the directories. I was just surprised that there wasn’t a ‘method’ or whatever the terminology is in programming for it to be available to software developers to be able to, use if they chose, name them as described a long way up this forum entry.

If I do a simple calculation of man-hours spent housekeeping this over a year, extracting the files to my local machine, sorting by timestamp, making the thumbnails larger smaller to see which was the first and last file in a mission, ‘remembering’ which was my first/second/third mission and the place name or customer it was taken in or for, selecting the files then renaiming in the batch converter then opening DroneDeploy and selecting the Plan then clicking in to the directory to select the files…then based on doing 1-3 plans each day with this taking 20-30 minutes as a daily task over a year, say the working year is 252 days after holidays, public holidays, weekends are taken out, I’ll say 25 minutes for file management then I’ll be spending 105 hours a year in file management. Oh and this is based on a one-man operation, convert this is to revenue and it becomes a pretty substantial financial ‘loss’ as it were for an organisation of 5-10-20-50 drone operators.

Just thought it was a sensible feature request IF it was technically available/possible to be implemented and a great selling point for the bean counters in organisations to be able to stand in front of the CEO, after the techies have had their say on how cool the tool is, for them to mention that ‘the new version will save our organisation X a year by upgrading or even moving to the Enterprise version’ blah blah. If no other application has this function it could actually PAY to purchase DroneDeploy!!

You get what I mean.

Thanks for replying, appreciate the time taken to do so.