Fieldscanner map offset from basemap

Hi, I’ve been testing Fieldscanner a few times, but on the last two maps - the map is offset from the basemap. It is also offset by some 40-50 meters to the south-west compared to the normal processing. I can move the boundaries of the field to sort it, but maybe this needs looking into?

I’ve attached an image to illustrate the issues.

Here are the ID’s of the maps for comparison

Skinnes May 27
Fieldscan flight: 1495885008_POSTINSPIRE
Normal processed same images: 1496435311_POSTOPENPIPELINE

Landbruksskolen May 25
Fieldscan flight: 1495724017_POSTINSPIRE
Normal processed same images: 1496582431_POSTOPENPIPELINE


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I performed another flight of this field with fieldscanner yesterday. After the flight I observed the same issue as this post started with - the fieldscanner map is offset quite a bit. When I got back home, I uploaded the files from my SD-card and ran a full processing - like before.
But the fieldscanner job was not visible through my web gui - only in the DD app on my iphone.
Today the fieldscanner job also disappeared on my iphone, and I have no idea why.

Hi @Pokerfjes,

My apologies for the late response here. The Fieldscanner map will be replaced once you have uploaded the images to create the high-resolution map. That is why your Fieldscan map has disappeared. I’m sorry for the confusion.