Few questions about batteries and firmware

I loaded drone deploy yesterday to my inspire and radio, Is the sdk the same as todays new release from dji?
How do normal dji updates apply while under your sdk files?
Do I need to update all my batteries with the firmware from dronedeploy, how will this effect batteries on my other stock inspire?
Do I need to update both radios to the new firmware?

I don’t believe the batteries for the inspire/P3 have any updates released so far. When DJI does release an update you would need to make sure to update those.

We are testing the latest inspire/P3 beta today.

Any results?

Im still on firmware I downloaded on Monday. I have tried 2 different android devices and my Inspire keeps disconnecting. Either shortly after on the ground or for sure in the air. Also the Altitude seems to be low compared to previous flights I had flown at 150’.

We haven’t been able to get the inspire to work with the latest firmware. I recommend downgrading if you wish to map.

The altitude should be adjustable using he cog on the bottom left during planning. Are you using a good usb cable? We had to swap our our cables for really good ones due to disconnections.