Feedback on New Release ver 44 - P4P Android & Apple

Further to my P3P flights I have now done the same flights with my P4P. Feedback as follows :slight_smile:

Bird connects fine.
All system checks pass successfully.
Hit the fly button - bird takes off and drops the camera straight down.
Mission begins - photo capture starts.
Photo’s now appear to be taken at the correct frontlap which it didnt do before.
Bird returned home all ok.

Exited the app and returned to the office.
Fired up DD to upload the flight logs.
Map does not show as complete with a BLUE upload button. This in spite of the usual “you have completed your mission succesfully” at the end of the flight.
Map does not upload flight logs.

One other thing is my offline flights always seem to redownload when I am back in Internet range. Is this necessary ?

Before I have even powered on the bird the app says that the drone is connected.
Powered on bird. Waited. Waited. Waited.
20 mins later it still hasnt recognised that the bird is online.
Verified connectivity with controller to bird - all ok.
Another fail.

I can live with the quirks on the android side. But out of 4 flights today - 2 with a P3P and 2 with a P4P only 1 has worked. Thats a 25% success rate guys. Does anyone actually go out in the field and test the software before release ?

Let me know if there is any further information you need.

For, iOS can you make sure turn on your rc, then drone, then the app and let me know if that improves your connection issues.

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Thank you chasemgray - I have done a quick test in the office and I can confirm that the connection issue is resolved once powered on in that order.

I will attempt to do a couple of test flights and will report back.

I can confirm that the flight was successful with no drama’s. Occasionally a message would pop up saying Drone Connected but as it hadnt disconnected I didnt really see why it was telling me this.

One other difference is the front overlap. I flew the same flight on a P3P and a P4P. Same apple device, same flight pattern.

The P3P captured 165 pictures but the P4P captured 122. I would have expected them to be around the same ?

Apart from that it all looks good. Thanks for the help.