Feedback for Alternate Navigation Mode

This morning I’ve flown two missions with v1.2.2 in my P3P updated to the last public firmware
The Phantom started the mission, all went fine and the lateral movement after takeoff is not present.
After takeoff, it hovers a bit and in my opinion it does very low. Today wind was low but with high wind it will be scary.

First flight was 50m high and the second one is the same area but 75m high.
When back home, I updated the pictures and the dashboard shows only one flight. How can I upload the pictures from the second flight?

Another thing is that if I select Flight Log in the dashboard it doesn´t show.

Just thought I’d share the screenshot of the flight that was not logged, Chase (“Wellsite 80plus” on my dashboard).

It was flown at 80’ AGL in winds of 25-30 km/h from NNW with gusts above that. It was really struggling to hit the ends of the lines and was at quite an angle even along the straightaways. The stitched image and 3D model turned out okay under the circumstances.


I’m glad it works in those winds! We just released a version that shouldn’t need this alternate mode anymore on the forum. It should be in the Play store today. We’ll still have this code for when/if DJI breaks waypoints again.