Feature to move waypoints & counts by group around

Due to the inconsistent GPS coordinate from new photos (especially for mapping), moving old way point and counting annotations to new updated map require a little adjustment (moving) to pin point at the exact location. It would be easier to adjust if I’m able to to move the annotations like way point & counts by group.

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Why not use 4 GCP’s for horizontal?

I am using it in rural area, forest, marking is not possible sometime.

You could get an RTK drone. It would line up on itself every time.

Hi good day,

We just tried to upload our latest map today but received a message regarding the “Fair use” policy.
Could you help to resolve this issue?
We are subscription users for the past 2-3 years, we need to get an updated and latest map before 25th May 2021.
We are an agriculture company, all usage of dronedeploy is for internal use only.
Please help with this.


Please email support.

Could you provide suppirt’s email address?