Feature List/Requests


Request for a flight plan that integrates DEM (digital elevation model) to allow the drone to keep approximately the same distance above terrain – and keep the photos about the same cm/pixel.

This is important in the high topography areas where I do all my work in Haiti (many slopes 25º - 50º). As a result, over 5 or 10 ha, elevation can easily change a few hundred meters. (Other flight plan software on the market already does this, but does not work with DJI drones).



i finded an old request about the Wind direction, but this still no opption on DD. It could be linked with another app (Windy or similar) that shows the instant Wind direction. Whit this we could manual or automaticaly select the flight angle according to the Wind direction. I think that this could save the battery and optimize the flight time.



Hi @viniciuspg,

We currently don’t have an in-app feature that does this, but we do have a free app in our App Market called Current Weather that lets you know what the current weather is at the site of your flight plan. However, this app does not allow you to adjust your flight angles according to the wind direction.



Thanks Christina,

I’ve installed this Current Wheather but it just guive-me the Wind speed and other weather informations. If you are a developer, i strongly suggest you to check how windy Works at https://on.windy.com/1bg09. I believe you can add something like this at Drone Deploy.



Hi @viniciuspg,

I am not a developer and we currently don’t have anything like this planned on our roadmap but I am happy to pass along this request to the appropriate team. :slight_smile:



First i wanna thank you for the great app,
Second i have feature request is :
Can DD Provide on the app screen the length of each segment on Area Of Interest, when we create flight plan, some time this information is need to estimate the length or width of the maping area


When working with multispectral cameras, it’s very important to maintain approximately constant lighting conditions during the flight. Clear blue sky or thin overcast works best, but this isn’t always the case of course. Consider the clear blue sky scenario, with a few clouds here and there. One cloud passing in front of the sun during the flight can ruin the entire dataset. Pausing the drone mid-air, right before that happens and then continuing when the cloud has passed, would be a VERY good feature… resulting in much better imagery and much more effective flying. PLEASE add a pause button… it would be absolutely fantastic!


@Christina… I know you already replied to this request in a different thread, but I would like to stress the importance of adding this (in my view) simple feature again. I’ve had to abort or re-fly many flights with my multispectral camera because of clouds rolling in… and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Your app is great and I use it all the time, but adding this would make it even better! And I don’t think any other flight planning app (that supports my Matrice 600) has this feature…
By the way… it doesn’t just apply to multispectral analysis, but also to normal mapping. Clouds are a problem for that application as well, as you will see dark areas in your ortho if clouds were passing during the flight.


On newer drones (P4P, Mavic Pro, M200, M210) you can use the hardware pause button on your remote control at any time in the flight. The drone will stop moving and wait. When the cloud has passed you just press the pause button again to resume the flight where you left off, without returning to home.

However it looks like the m600 wasn’t built with this functionality. It’s our intention to make a software button for this feature in the future, but I can’t give you a definite timescale on release.



Is the future release for the M600 or all the supported drones? Or does the first list already have it?


We used new mavic pro during our traveling around the world . And have some tips for fly it here .