Feature List/Requests


Curious though, if it’s 1 per second, and it’s filming at 30fps / 60fps how accurate the stitch will be…we had some issues with this on the defense side of the house doing mosaicking back in the day and there’s some expensive solutions out there to do it. Just not sure if that EXIF data is logged per frame or 1 frame per 30 as you suggest above, which may be fine. You get weird artifacts if the frames per second and metadata aren’t logged properly in sync. Just has been my experience, but agree, would be nice to have a live ‘paintbrush’ of geo-rectified images from full-motion video. Definitely on the top of my wish list! I’ve seen it done, but would be an amazing capability to have. Perhaps even add some on-board processing like the Solo or future DJI products (i.e. manifold) to allow some real-time collection and parsing of that data to assist on the backend for drone deploy to deliver a product faster back once uploaded.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to post some things that could help into making more efficient flights for us as a company.

-The ability to plan a corridor mission, currently the app shows the initial grid but for us in some cases would be better some template for corridor mapping, this will bring us more efficient flights, making flight paths parallel to the route instead of perpendicular.

-And two other things that I believe has been already posted, the ability to see what the camera sees on a mission and choosing the starting point of the mission.

Thanks in advance. Regards


I’m thinking of diffrent flight modes.

Idea 1; What if the app showed flight paths only as a guidance for the pilot to fly the quad along. App controls camera and the drones maximum speed, but the orientation is controlled by pilot with RC the be able to avoid crashes.

Idea 2; What if instead planning flight area with “placeing pins” in app to mark area corners, instead planning area with drone flying the areas edgeing and marking corners with the quads position.

Idea 3; Be able to import .kml to dashbord planning tool. The kml-file can contain several areas and every polygon is automatically created to seperate missions with preset flight variables and name.


Would like to see offline map caching or integration into Mapbox for GPX use as an overlay.

Also corridor mapping abilities.

We run map collection along very long routes in areas without any cell or data coverage. We either need to see background satellite imagery to fly these routes and or see the route file as an overlay otherwise were flying blind.

Otherwise looking forward to trying this out as we are using Maps made easy right now and patiently waiting for one of these apps to evolve into offline corridor mapping.

We also own LeadNav GPS an Offroad and Backcountry navigation app and are integrating drone mapping into our projects



Took Drone Deploy on a test drive with a Phantom 3 Pro. Was blown away by how easy it was to use and I am really excited about it’s potential.

I did encounter a couple of issues that I want to make sure you are aware of.

  1. In the IOS app, it would not respect the altitude that I had specified in the web based mission planner and defaulted to about 250ft. (I get nervous at 250 ft)
  2. The drone traveled at white knuckle speeds during the mission with the default settings. Not necessarily an issue, but I about soiled my pants when it took off to the first way point.

Data is processing now and looking forward to providing more feedback.




Hi can I add that it would be great, no, brilliantly useful to have the ability to export annotations. especially volumetric data and label as a layer or at the least as a csv file or similar. I’m wanting to provide this data in an easy to use and read format for clients for stocktaking purposes. .


I second this motion … with the addition that a KMZ would be a great export format for that type of data. Especially if we could attach a picture to an annotation feature again.


I just started using DD so far so good but I have a potential problem with obstacles in a field. We are in an area with windmill construction, many of which are not on the maps that get loaded. I need to be able to plot a obstacle so that S$!& doesn’t hit the fan!


Hi all. I’d like to request that the 3D model should handle water far better than it does. Huge pointy spikes and deep random troughs really spoil a map. Surely there’s a software method to correct this type of error?
Is it possible to smooth it and just apply the texture?


Also I’d like a mouse axis invert feature when viewing the model please. Manipulation laterally of the model is the opposite to how I expect it to behave.


I would like to request:
Option to organize maps by folders;
Flight plan with camera angle option just like Pix4d Capture. I will not choose “by eye” an angle for produce professional maps/ flights guys!!


Simple request… and I’m probably not the first one: manual flight speed option. I’m using a Micasense Rededge and speed is very important. I also have no idea what the default speed is…


Max speed is adjustable within the app.


Yes I know… but I would like to be able to set the flight speed; not just the max flight speed.


Autel Robotics XSP support.


I’ll second Wes’s request. Autel XSP support please. They have 2 new modular cameras coming out this year. 1 4k HD and one infrared/thermal imaging.


I am an Autel XSP owner. I would really like to use Drone Deploy for my business. Hopefully we can make this happen. A good friend of mine uses his DJI through you guys and I am very impressed with your abilities and professional services.


I agree; Autel XSP support! I really don’t want to have to buy a DJI; would rather just buy DD!


+1 for Autel as well. I am ready to use DD for Agriculture work right away. Will not buy DJI due to horrid customer service…


+1 for Autel development.