Feature: Compress images for faster uploading

Hi All

It would be great to be able to upload images faster, and use less bandwidth. Can DroneDeploy compress my images before they are uploaded, with a “Compress my images” option on the image uploader?

I’ve tried using your processing on images scaled down to 25% and 10% of their size, and the map results were still decent, and they were 4-10x faster uploading, and 4x - 10x fewer MBs to upload. One map was only 25mb to upload, and processed in about 20minutes.

Would anyone else use this?

@fredbrando if it would make sense for some maps where detail is not sooooo relevant yes, but in my cases I will have and do have a great detail is a must. my upload was never so much in time that I could not wait. the processing is what takes a bit although the results are stunning in comparison to others and I don´t need a super PC to do it :smile:

to answer your question: in general I would use it. when compressed for upload but not scaled down - although I do not know how much of an impact it has really on image quality. - DD guys should know better and will answer.

You can use the Compress Image tool to reduce the file size of your photos…