Farming Simulator

It would be interesting if a client of Drone Deploy could use their 3D maps in an application like Farming Simulator.

Hi @JusticePLLC, I will be sure to pass this to my team for consideration. Thank you for the feedback!

I could see a H. G. Wells, “The Time Machine” mmorpg game where the above ground world is supplied by Drone Deploy Subscribers, and the below ground is supplied by the game designer. It would be bigger than Star Wars and the Hobbit combined in regards to merchandising.

Pokemon Go kind of validates the concept. AR vs. VR… Think of enthusiast/gamer flying their own maps instead of walking around with smartphones. Pokemon Go could eventually stitch bubbles.

Interesting idea- personally already tired of bumping into people who aren’t watching where they’re going as they’re playing Pokemon Go :wink:

I have seen some drone Pokemon Go attempts on YouTube to speed population. Nothing using drone deploy yet to hunt. Most people only have one phone I guess, they either play or fly with it. I think you would have to put the phone in viewing distance of the camera. It would take some monkeying around with. No need to upload the photos.

It could be used to glide like in WoW, not sure yet. I would encourage it.

I think you should also try this thing on their website.

An interesting idea, if implemented it would be great