Fail in processing

Good afternoon,
I performed a flight using the corridor mode, with 1.5 km and 400 meters wide. 1026 images were captured. I used the altitude that dronedeploy recommended me, which was 75 meters altitude. During the flight everything went well, but the image processing does not complete and does not notify me of an error. I just noticed that the symbol was changed from the blue circle to the gray one. How to solve?
Em processamento (circulo azul):

Processamento não concluido (circulo cinza):

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I would send them an email so they can take a look. While Corridor flight is fairly new there has been linear flight processing for a while and it has been found that it sometimes take some special attention. Long narrow processing areas are subject to twisting and tilting so they will need to see where it is at in the process and possibly after it finishes if it appears to be twisted or tilted.

ok. Vou aguardar a resposta técnica do suporte.

De qualquer forma, qual o significado do circulo cinza?

That just means the files have uploaded but now that I notice it doesn’t say “Processing” you may want to manual upload again instead of waiting for support hours.