Facade Orthomosaic

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I’m new to the forum and drone imagery.
I have been creating orthophotos of facade using DSLR from an aerial lift (moving up and down from one end to the other end), but I am trying to use a drone because it seems to be a better and faster way of collecting data. I have been processing photos in AGI Photoscan.

Has anyone done this using a drone and DroneDeploy? It would be great if the flight can be automated (i.e. drone fly up at one corner by x feet incrementally then move sideway y feet then fly down x feet incrementally), but I’m not sure if that’s possible with DroneDeploy.

Also, what type of data do you collect? Videos vs photos? If a video is taken, how is that processed?

I would appreciate answers and comments!

Thank you!

Are you trying to do this for just documentation? Are you doing it in that manner to get closer and create a panoramic elevation (ortho)?

Hi Michael,

I’m trying to create an orthomosaic elevation for condition assessment of a building elevation.

We could manipulate some of the flight modes, but I honestly think Litchi would be a good solution. There are other softwares that have flight planning specifically for building inspections, but in my experience they are not very intuitive and nearly as versatile as Litchi. This is what I have been doing. You can control the altitude, focus point and heading on each waypoint if you like. Note how my headings are pointed perpendicular. All you have to do then is wrap it back around at a different elevation if you can’t capture the entire face at once.


I will add to use Microsoft ICE to stitch the pano together.


Thank you very much for your comments. Will Litchi fly a drone from point 1 to point 2 while flying up x feet high and down x feet high at a predefined focus (or autofocus)?
I didn’t know about Microsoft ICE, but it seems to be very useful and free!

If I understand you right you would like to change altitude between waypoints? Yes, you can. You can change the altitudes per point or set them all the same. You can also adjust speed between points.

Yes, ice is pretty amazing. I use it mostly to create 360deg Spherical Panoramas. Litchi also has the flight planning for these.

I typically provide orthomoasic with resolution of <1mm / pixel, which means I need to take lots of photos in a grid with sufficient overlap.
So this is what I’m trying to do. If I were to divide an elevation to small pieces, I will end up with x rows and y columns of photos. Can I set the altitude of the drone for the first row (~5ft above ground) and have it fly from point 1 to point 2, and automatically increase the altitude to the second row (~7ft above ground) and have it fly back to point 1 from point 2 and repeat the process until it reaches the uppermost row (top of the elevation)? If that’s feasible it would be wonderful.

Yes. Just set up your flight plan like I did and after the last point increase the elevation and wrap more waypoints around the building. You can do this for as many elevations as you need.

Help. I have a potential facade inspection opportunity of an 25 story office building. Am thinking it would be photogrammetry, but vertical photogrammetry (vs the typical photogrammetry of land). Possible?

Just taking good photos isn’t feasible, since it will be hard to orient each image with where that section of the building is … hence, a photogrammetry application.


It shouldn’t be very hard to manually fly a vertical lawn mower pattern. You can then stitch it all together and Microsoft ICE.

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Hi Sue, I have a similar project - I have captured with plenty of overlap using Mavic Pro the facade I want to stitch into a vertical Orthomosaic - would love to hear how you solved your 25 story challenge!

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