Extract Volume from Quarry Bench before a Blast

Ive been looking through the forums and cant seem to find an answer to the question. Our client wants to be able to calculate the volume of material in a bench of a quarry before blasting it to know how much can be moved, recovered. there is software that claims to do it called Propellor Aero, and though DD offer basically the same services it is this one service which has the attention of my current client. Has anyone been able to get the info im looking for out of DD or any 3rd party Apps used with it?

Hi @Droneit,

Thanks for swinging by our community! I wish I could offer a solution but we currently don’t have any reliable way to do this natively or with an integration from our App Market.


This may help.

Hello Droneit,

Have a look on how you can use your DD outputs with Virtual Surveyor. With Virtual Surveyor you can create any reference surface you want. You can also import baseline CAD files from your customer and use them as the reference.

Watch this playlist for some inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUQ7xxktAsg&list=PLN3McrKEect3D0KMP6Fdcn0NlF6lGo2jM

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You might have to section it depending on the slope change, but use lowest point. We have done this for Texas Crushed Stone’s quarry in the past.