Exposure Variations

Hi team
I still get very different exposure time variations within the same project. An area in dark pictures get exposed for 1/6410 seconds where almost the same location under the same weather conditions within a different picture is exposed for 1/240 seconds.

Stopping the automatic settings within the app seem not to work for me as the exposure values always vary regardless of which settings I choose.

Is there a way to get more control over this? With that I hope that the modeling of the white roof in the picture below for example would come out a bit better.

Project name: ‘Biogas Phantom Pro 3 Test 02 Dronedeploy’ if you like to look into it.

Thank you,

Hi Martin,

What your seeing is the expected behavior, but it shouldn’t be varying so often during the flight. In a flight you want to maintain an ISO of as low as possible in order to decrease the noise in the image. On a phantom the only controls we have over exposure are ISO and shutter speed, so we have to adjust either ISO and increase noise or shutter speed. We choose to adjust shutter speed during the flight. We have a minimum value that we choose in order to make sure blurring doesn’t occur. This way ideally you end up with properly exposed photos with low noise. We’ve seen this help modified NDVI cameras a lot in our recent tests.

In your case it looks like it is adjusting constantly throughout the entire flight with a large variance. Was there some sort of weird shadow or something or did light change during the middle of the flight? It’s weird for some of the shutter speeds to be so low and others to be so high. There is a possibility we can decrease how often it adjusts after we settle on a good value to help if this happens. This is the first time I’m seeing this happen.



Thank you Chase for your quick reply.
I looked at the exposure values in more details. Within the same project they varied between 1/200 sec and 1/8065 sec.
The weather conditions where almost perfect during the whole flight. Sunny weather with no clouds.
The only variances appeared within the terrain which changed from forest to white roof tops of gas tanks. But even pictures with similar terrain have totally different exposure values.

In a second project I looked at, with again perfect weather conditions with no clouds at all, the settings varied from 1/5025 sec to 1/320 sec. The terrain here was again forest and stone walls and roof tops of an old castle.