Exposure change, and number of images per leg change after battery change

On Saturday, I flew a test mission. Not my first mission and not my first with DD. I have M2P. When I did a battery change, not only did the exposure change, but the quantity of JPEG images per leg as well.
Another thing also happened, when the drone came back to change battery, it didn’t land when it had taken off - this is not the first time I have had this happen. I am now concerned about using DD, as I do not trust what it’s doing./ These problems seem to be relatively new, as I didn’t experience them last year.
Anyone know what I can do to correct this?

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Where are you running with DJI camera control or letting DroneDeploy manage it?

Was the number of images more or less? Did it change altitude or overlaps?

There’s a few things that could have happened to change image count so it’s probably going to take some tweaking and some contact with support. It’s a pretty specific problem and it’s probably hard to replicate with different aircraft. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when everyone gets the new firmwares installed. It’s always a battle between DJI, the app and the OS of the mobile device.

Thanks for responding.
First, the number of images increased. I know this was at the point where I changed batteries, because I called the drone back at the end of one of the runs.
I used DD to fly the mission
I didn’t touch the settings after changing batteries
There is a change is altitude, but I assume that’s because I set the AGL height and the land isn’t flat?
I also ran the images through Maps made Easy and that’s how I got the pic of the number of images
Is this something I have done?

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Got it. I was going to say if it decreased there’s a chance it got confused and switched models but anything other than an M2P will need to take less images because of its narrower FOV. My thinking is that maybe something(s) got set to defaults. If you had it set say at 225ft and it changed to 200ft then it would fly a little slower and take more images. Did you notice a change in speed?

It looks like this property drains towards the road and there is a fairly significant slope/ditch? Probably why you see the blue blue line because it is lower it is going to get more overlap. The north (up) side of the project gets into the orange because it was higher and didn’t quite get enough overlap. This might be a good case to run Terrain Awareness.

I don’t think it was anything you could have done especially considering any exposure changes. It just really sounds like it was on the wrong model but the problem with that thought is that the system always defaults to a Mavic 2 Pro.

Hi Michael
Thanks for the answer
I will turn on terrain aware next time