Exports Compatible with ArcMap?

Good Morning,

Can someone point me in the right direction for importing orthomosaic maps into ArcMap? My KML files open just fine in Google Earth and Arcgis Explorer, but ArcMap seems to have issues with that format of KML. My end goal is to convert an orthomosaic map into a file that is easily shared with the forestry community. The gentlemen I have been speaking with use Arcview (now ArcMap?). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Jeff_Miller - a GeoTIFF is a better choice for ArcMap. Datasets from DroneDeploy are in .tif format and include the .tfw file that is needed for georeferencing.

Awesome, thank you for the info. Is it possible to export GeoTIFF files with Drone Deploy? Its important that I have a deliverable that works well with ArcMap.

hi @Jeff_Miller - yes it is. please see here for a list of all data outputs and suggested viewing programs:

Hi, One extra thing that you can do to make it easy to use in the field for your forestry people is use ‘PDF maps’ on an IPad. You can then upload a GeoTIFF and have an offline map that shows your location live on the orthomosaic map. We tether the IPad to bluetooth GPS unit for more accurate results in remote areas.
You can also do this with a GPS but we have found the screen is too small to use in the bush, the IPad gives an excellent picture.