Exporting to Revit


Hi All,
Pretty happy with accuracy levels using P4Prov2 and Dronedeploy, I can check dimensions from my maps on my Macbook Pro against actual dimensions I measured myself onsite. Problems arise when my client imports the .las files onto their own PC using Recap/Revit, whereby all the dimensions are now off by a factor of x1.6, has anyone come across this issue? This has only started to occur this week since my client changed from using a laptop to a desktop PC
Declan Murray


Are you processing the LAS through Recap or just inserting the DroneDeploy LAS directly? Are you exporting to a specific EPSG or just aligning the WGS84?


Hi Michael,
Importing to Recap as point Cloud reader, then processing in Revit. All maps now seem to be off by a figure of 1.6, so I’m thinking its some kind of scaling issue?
Exporting using Web Mercator E3587 on DD.
Still cant seem to find the issue,


You should probably try exporting as WGS84 or your local State Plane EPSG. Web Mercator is metric by default so units of all sort come into play especially considering it uses the WGS84 data and projects it on a sphere, stretching it. WGS84 and State Plane are ortho. We have to make doubly sure all the units between Recap and Revit match.


This might help too.


Tnx Michael,
will give it a try