Exporting maps. Have waited for allmost 24h now

Yesterday I exported 5 maps to deliver to a client today. But now almost 24 hours later there´s still no deliver. :frowning:

Don’t know if the files are to large. Tried to export a 50cm-map earlier today but still no deliver.

Nothing in my spam-filter.

Still nothing. Not even the 50cm-map exported 10h ago.

We are looking into this right now.

DD support solved the problem for me. Ive used non ascii chars (åäö) i project name.

Hi Chase,

I’e got the same issue - uploaded 3 of 14 maps yesterday and no results. Not aware of any non ascii characters, could you have a look at this for me? Please see numbers 11, 12 and 13 shot on 14 and 15/2.

Kind regards,


I have raised a support ticket for


These are being looked at. Sorry for the delay.