Exporting LAS and viewing in CloudCompare


I am able to see the 3D model in the project view. However, after I exported the LAS file and opened using CloudCompare, all I see is a single straight line (attached image).

  1. What steps would enable me to open it up in CloudCompare the same way I see it in the embedded DroneDeploy app viewer ?
  2. How can I get the camera parameters that were determined during point cloud generation ?


So I am not familiar with cloud compare, however I initially had the same issue in Civil 3D. The exported LAS file is in Decimal Lat, Long, Elevation. This makes everything look like a straight line, causing the issue you are having. In Civil 3D I am able to re-project the file to another projection, thus giving me a awesome point cloud.


Hi Dan - just wondered if you managed to figure this out? I’m having exactly the same issue.


I’ve been having this problem, as well. Anyone have success?

CloudCompare is fairly popular in the community…it would be nice to get a response from the DD staff.

I believe the original answer still partially applies. We use Carlson Precision 3D Topo and it wasn’t because of DMS vs decimal degrees, but that the lat/lon were reversed.

What EPSG are you exporting?