Exporting images and sharing with clients

I am new to Drone Deploy and have issues over the exporting of a prepared image and its subsequent sharing. I have gone back to posts on this forum from 5 years ago and I should be able to do this but it won’t let me. We are on the package one down from Enterprise and have overlaid a layer (a boundary in fact of a field). However trying to export the image with the boundary for our client gives only the image and NOT the boundary which is not helpful. Have tried lots of different ways and always the same result. If anyone could help that would be great - Thanks


What format are you exporting?

Thank you for your very quick response - it is appreciated

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I’m assuming both checkboxes are checked and you can see the overlay on the screen? We had an issue in the past where the overlay wouldn’t turn off lol. Besides that have you tried a different browser. We run Chrome Incognito but have had to go standard mode or Firefox every once in a while.