Exporting a GeoTIFF to Autocad to scale 1:1

I’m am new to drone mapping. I need to import a GeoTIFF to Autocad so that it works as background on a survey map. I do not know how to get the GeoTIFF file to scale 1:1.

Does a GeoTIFF file has an embed scale when generated?

I would really appreciate any help. As I mentioned I’m new to this technology. Sorry about my ignorance.

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Depends on which AutoCAD you are using. Civil 3D I’m guessing? You export the ortho in your specific CRS/EPSG. This will create the .Tiff and a .tfw world file. The CRS need to be already set in CAD. Type in geotiff and browse to the world file. Also depends on how your file was created. Make sure to account for scale factors and shifts.

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Than you MichaelL I appreciate your quick response. What about just AutoCAD 2019. Would the process be different?

I don’t think standard AutoCAD has the geotiff plug-in. You will probably need to bring it in and manually ALIGN with three points. You will need objects common to both the CAD and the image. I use Civil 3D and use the world file, but I still bring in my GCP’s as points and 3D align to them to make it right. This gets rid of issues with scale factors and shifts.