Exporting a 3D model .obj into Unreal Engine 5?

I have a 3D model that looks great after being processed by DroneDeploy, however when I export it as a 3D model and try adding it to any 3D processing software such as UnrealEngine 5 (same issue applies to Blender, Autocad, etc.) the materials are all off. The actual 3D object shape is there, but the image map must be getting imported wrong or something.

My folder exported from DroneDeploy contains one .obj, one .mtl, and four .jpgs. Not sure if this is part of the problem, but it seems like UnrealEngine is only applying a single of these .jpg materials onto the model.

Here’s what it looks like. I’ve played around with the materials but I’m brand new to these programs so not entirely sure what to even look for. One user suggested the UV mapping on the materials may be messed up, but this is just what happens with a default export/import into Unreal. Has anyone gotten their 3d models imported into Unreal with textures properly applied?

Attaching what was exported from DroneDeploy, are the .jpgs looking right? Looks like a mixed up collage of photos, although that’s probably normal.