Exporter.send webhook not called

Summary of Issue:
Export.send from API is not calling webhook
Date Issue Began:
Jan, 19, 2018
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I’m building an app for the app marketplace that uses the Exporter.send functionality of the API. https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/exporter.html. Our API receives the export via the webhook property. Tests were working fine last week but now when I perform an export I receive an email with the successful export but the webhook is not being called. Not sure if something has changed on the API side or if this might be account related.


Hi Sharkins,

Our export webhook system is fairly young at the moment. We have plans for adding logging and webhook replays. In the meantime I would recommend testing out a webhook with https://webhook.site and see if you see the request come in. If you still can’t get webhooks working one alternative is you could list exports after they complete.


Hi Dan:

I had tested it a few times using that site previously and the exports successfully called the webhook. It appears the issue might be related to the fact that my trial account recently expired. For a plan I had previously exported, the Export.send promise resolves correctly and I receive an email for the download but it appears it is just sending the link to the already existing S3 bucket. When I try to export from another plan the Export.send rejects with a 400 error. I’m guessing this might be related to the Free account level not having Export functionality.


Hhhmm. Roger. Thanks for reporting back.