Exported JPGs misaligned with Shapefiles in QGIS


Am attempting to import JPG orthomosaics into QGIS and have them match up with existing layers (contour DXF etc).
I can import the pics but they are way off to the south west of the other layers (which are bought map products). See screenshot. Little dots are the diff layers.

I have tried changing the CRS to “custom on the fly” and made sure to tell QGIS what CRS each layer is. Map products are 27700.
No diff, although I can’t see why CRS would put the position out, just the proportions.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Hi @ensta,

You should be able to carry out a file>save as on the file and reproject the entire project. This tutorial should walk you through the necessary steps to change the projection of each layer. Let us know if you have any questions moving forward.

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