Export with annotations embedded to 2D map?


I am very new to DD and I would like to know how to export a 2D map with annotations - specifically distance.

I note previous discussion threads from 2-3 years ago state that this is not possible. Has there been any update to allow this or does anyone have a simple workaround (that’s not just a screenshot) to achieve this?


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Hi @aussam01, welcome! While it is not currently possible to print a large-scale full-sheet map that includes the annotations, they do mean for us to accomplish this by using the annotations report. The annotations report does accomplish part of the goal, but it does not give us the ability to have a visible dimension labels as many of us have requested. I would recommend that you open your maps in QGIS and annotate them there if you prefer full-sheet maps particularly with labeled dimensions. Bluebeam is an even better option, but it is not free. Either of these are much more robust than DroneDeploy will ever be as this is what they do.