Export size too large to process

is there somewhere that has a chart for the max size? and what does this entail? I flew a 90 acre site at 200ft recently and it wont let me export the native Resolution. Lowest i can go in Jpeg is 5cm/pixel.

it would be nice to know this because i could have flown this mission alot higher if 5cm/pixel was going to be by highest end product.

it was about 1400 photos. i am a business membership


I have not seen any documented values, but you should be able to get the native and 2cm resolutions with the business plan and you are at about half the image count. I would email support for more in-depth troubleshooting.

I previously had a processed map of 1500 pictures or so and was unable to export anything less than 5cm. I had a discussion with Tech Support who firstly explained that the subscription tier did not impact the ability to export and secondly, it was a limitation of their own hardware that was causing the shortfall of resolution to export.

This is what they had to say, using one of my processed maps…

“Your restriction is only limited by the size of your dataset. Your smaller maps will have no issues processing at maximum resolution, whereas massive maps like (8+GB) are likely not to export at the highest resolution possible. Our servers have more issues exporting at the highest resolution for datasets above 5GB. Also, another factor to mention is that our exports are taking the area of the map as a square so there are areas where your export is being processed which are not needed as stated in this image (the blue dotted lines represents the empty space being exported). This space is included in the export limitations.”

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Bah humbug… Try this one. Only 2000 images, but look at the area. That’s 9.7 miles of roadway taking 17 square miles.