Export Scale Factors

It would be helpful to be able to put in a scale factor when creating exports. Obviously 1.000 is default, but we have a consistent ground survey scale factors in each of our State Plane regions. This would allow the coordinates to be scaled (from 0,0) in order to align with those scale factors.


Or toggle the ability to apply a grid of some description to the border of the export. I’m currently importing to Acad and referencing with OS or surveyed known features to stretch and scale the ortho. It would be magic if as Michael said we could export to a set scale or if not apply a grid.

We can currently enter custom coordinates which does take care of the shift, but still does not correctly scale. For now I let it come in relative and then create a 2D shift line that I can easily move the entire dataset to the correct location.

I’m not sure I understand this. It may be the same thing, but I need to understand your definition of the grid I mentioned.

When I export, I am provided an image to download. The image has no relation to its intended size or position on Earth (unless GCP mats are captured) but its X by Y is at least in proportion to itself.

What would be useful is to be able to apply faint grid markings either along the sides of the image or project across the image in the same way we might with a measured survey. That’s our way of ensuring the print out is to scale right? - we stick a scale rule on it and check the grid.

What would be good is to apply that same grid to the ortho (whether it be coordinates or just something simple like every 25-100m say) which would in turn allow us to stretch it within Acad up to its relative size and move it about within Model Space to suit.

Apply the grid and it takes out all of the guess work as to how much to scale the image up by or where to position it.

An example of a basic grid taken from Google Images:-


What file format is the image? I use the GeoTiff projected to my EPSG and use the TFW world file for it to correctly geolocate on those coordinates. If it isn’t a geolocated image then I get what you are saying because we scale/rotate with reference on construction plan sheets all the time. Are you doing it manually or using Align?

Another trick though is that you can use QGIS to georeference any image.