Export of XYZ not working

When trying to export 3D data to XYZ nothing happens. The spinning waiting wheel keeps spinning but nothing happens.
I’ve tried on 3 different computers with 4 different browsers (IE, Safari, Chrome and Edge). Usually I work on a PC with Chrome.

All other export types works fine (DXF, Shape, ortho, GeoTIF etc).

Hi @Robert_Wiklund, thanks for reaching out to support! Apologies for the inconvenience.

I had the same problem and DD support sent me the exports, but it still did not work after that. Is this sorted now ?

No, it is still not working. So it’s probably been down for over a week now. When I mentioned the problem in the beginning, nobody at Drone Deploy had a clue about the issue. Still nearly a week after me telling them about the issue, it is still not fixed. The first responses was like. “Glad you help us with this new emerging technology”, like I was a beta tester (well, I am, but not at Drone Deploy). XYZ export have worked before. I’ve send XYZ files to my customer before. But it have stopped to work.

If Drone Deploy thinks their services are in a beta state, well, make it a public free beta. Don’t rob users of their money by having them to pay for a service that does not work! If I pay for a service, then pay even more to get those extra functions that are not in the normal Pro version, I DO expect them to work. There should be a Quality Of Service team that see to it that the service works! If it not works, there should be routines that notify the service team!

Having a business critical service down for over a week, says a lot about the company. I’ve probably lost my big customer because of this downtime. That is not ok, Drone Deploy.

Totally agree with you Robert. Please sort this xyz export issue out DD ! And the issue with the border at the edge of the raw elevation data too, which I reported to support earlier - this is impacting what we can usefully send to clients.

Sorry you’re hitting this issue. We had trouble reproducing this issue as its not happening to most people, but we have someone working on it. For your suggestion, we do have constant QA on any product going out and it isn’t released with known problems.

@Chase. Your own support had no problem whatsoever to reproduce it at the live chat I initiated after waiting half a day for the support hours to start… Why don’t you ask them?

By the way, I’ve tested it on 3 different computers, 2 different OS:es, 4 different browsers. And as you see by this thread and as you say yourself, I’m not alone in experiencing this.

So, Drone Deploy’s Quality Assurance team is not so qualified, as the release now online can’t export correctly… I do hope that all users now get some months free because of these issues, because, you can’t demand payment for a service you are not providing.

We know it’s happening to some exports for certain users. I didn’t mean to imply it’s not happening. Sorry for your trouble.

Sorry again to all experiencing this issue - we’re currently working on a fix for it.

If you’re facing this, please do send a note through to support@dronedeploy.com with the ID of the map you’re trying to export, and the settings for the XYZ export, and we’ll kick that off manually for you.

Thanks for your patience in the mean time.