Export mesh with single texture jpg file


I’m still having a hard time choosing between DroneDeploy and Pix4D.

The more I learn about each one the more I seem to realize each one has its virtues and its problems, the trouble being I can’t decide which are the most important to my sporadic work in photogrammetry.

In order to help me decide there is this question I’d like to hear from you that are far more experienced with DD: Is there a way, some app parameter perhaps, that will make the OBJ mesh exports to use a single file for the textures?

The program I use to import the OBJ into (outside DD world) only accepts 1 texture file, and I can’t find a way to avoid having lots of texture tiles while exporting in DD, in one scenario I got 23 jpg texture files generated…

In Pix4D we have an option in the local/desktop app to set to allow for tiles, default is single file.
How do we achieve the same purpose in Drone Deploy? Anyone knows?

Thanks in advance,

If you process your photos thru Agisoft’s Metashape program to generate the 3D model, then you can export the OBJ file with only 1 texture file. This could be another option for generating your OBJ file. Metashape also allows you to have more mesh faces in the final 3D model for increased resolution around complex objects. But you will need a good computer with GPU card in order to create the 3D model in a reasonable time.

Thank you for your suggestion @SolarBarn, but I need to keep costs and complexity down.

Throwing yet another software package into the mix, heavily paid for on top, as is the case of Methashape, is out of question.

Drone Deploy subscription plan is already an effort for someone like me who does occasional photogrammetry, let alone adding up other apps to do what DD could/should do quite easily.

Nevertheless, thanks for the idea.

The entry level Metashape program that will do what you need is under 200 and is a one time only cost. If you already have a reasonably good computer, then there is no more cost. Michael or I can give you step by step instructions for running it. It also has a free trial period which could be used to process your current mission. It is worlds easier to use than Pix4D.

If you send me a link to your photos, I will run them thru Metashape to create a 1-texture OBJ file. You could also compare it to other models you have.


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What about Meshlab? I just downloaded it and it is working with the .OBJ files quite good.
You just have to import them and it looks like on DD itself.
Give it a try! :slight_smile:
BTW its freeware