Export line, route and area annotations as .kml

I am in need of being able to export line, route and area annotations as .kml files for use in Google Earth (Pro).

I am using dronedeploy for digitalizing our family farm. There are a few layers of information I need to create for which there are no blueprints, which include drenage canals, water piping, electric fence distribution, regular fences, electric distribution net, pasture areas, etc.

Since these layers are impractical to manage within dronedeploy, I am using Google Earth Pro.

However the low resolution of google earth maps and its low capacity of handling high resolution orthomosaics (exported from dronedeploy) makes drawing this as annotations and then exporting them to google Earth the ideal (budgetary) solution.

Adding this feature should be relatively simple.


I know that it is actually possible. Not with only hitting one button, but not too complicated. @MichaelL should be able to tell you more.

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Exporting custom shapes out of DroneDeploy to layered KML files is not quite as easy as it sounds. There is allot of properties mapping to be done to ensure the shapes appear as intended. This has been a feature request for a while and is in queue, but there is quite allot ahead in the pipeline.
That said I would recommend you start using QGIS. Being professional GIS software it is mostly agnostic to file formats and is designed specifically for these purposes. Bringing in orthos at much higher resolution than any non-GIS program is just the start. You can bring in other information such as CAD and KML’s, but you can also draw custom annotations in vector or shapefile format for export to other programs. Plenty of support and free training is out there.